It’s time to pep up your content, but how? Well, there are lots of ways to do it, from trying new formats to taking fresh approaches to articles. Most importantly, it’s time to think outside the box. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Curate content 

More and more people are beginning to curate content, which isn’t as daft as it sounds. Good content creators know that sometimes, the best content is written by other people, and it’s their job to showcase it. Not sure what this means? Here’s a blog post that explains it all. Or look at how Brainpickings curates content from well-known writers and thinkers. Genius! 

2. Change your format 

Microvideos are a great way to pep up your content. Whether you’re using Snapchat or creating GIFs, the moving image is where it’s at. Don’t stop there though – try your hand at anything new, from infographics to audio clips, as long as it deviates from the usual staple diet of text and images. 

3. Go behind the scenes

 If your company, brand or online presence could do with a more loyal following, you can’t go wrong with some juicy behind-the-scenes content. Tweet a picture of you designing your latest product, or write a blog post about your snazzy new office space. Like those legends at TED. The result will hook in followers and show the face and the personality behind your business. And that, my dear friends, is what today’s savvy net surfers are looking for. 

4. Try something deeper 

Forget the list articles for now. Buzzfeed is doing the ol “10 reasons why” format perfectly well, but what purpose does their content serve? The perfect algorithm for great content includes a preference for useful, unique content. Both of these qualities can be achieved by providing genuine opinions and thought leadership. Dare to delve deeply into issues instead of the whistle-stop tour method, and your users will soon come back for more. 

5. Take a “magazine” approach to content

 If your web offering consists of dozens of search engine optimised articles and not much else, it’s time for a rethink. This kind of content might please search engines, but it doesn’t exactly scream quality. Instead of taking a keyword at its face value, use it as a springboard for further analysis. What’s the intent behind it? What else might the user who searches that key phrase be looking for? This brilliant article from Moz explains what this means. A magazine approach, whereby a website becomes a focal point for an entire lifestyle rather than just a product, is the new way to do content that captivates users. Look at how Nike has done it. It’s the difference between traffic and audience – the lifestyle, magazine approach gets you the latter, and a swarm of returning visitors.

If you need help creating content that makes people come back for more, I can help. Get in touch for a chat today.





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