So, you’re embarking on some SEO and you’ve realised that what you really need are some juicy links back to your website. This, of course, will show Google that your site has been recommended by other people, resulting in better rankings. But how do you go about this mysterious thing called link building? And is it worth all the effort? I think it is. Here are some easy ways you can get started.

Start guest blogging

Find some quality blogs that deal with your subject matter. Then, get in touch with the owners of those blogs and offer to do a guest post for them, on any subject related to your field. The only condition you need to specify is that your blog post will include a link back to your website. Et voilà! You have just secured your first link.

Do some PR

Has anything new happened with your business lately? Maybe you just started offering a new service or you hired someone new? If so, it’s time to write a press release. You can include a link to your website and distribute the press release on one of the many online distribution sites, such as PRWeb. Once published, you’ll have a nice new link back to your website.

Be an expert

There are a lot of journalists out there who are looking for someone to add a quality, expert opinions to their stories and features. If you’re a vet, for example, you’re in a prime position to add your medical opinion to any animal related subjects. All you have to do is reach out to the right people. There are websites where journalists post requests when they need an expert opinion, such as Help A Reporter Out. Simply respond to these requests (usually it has to be quite fast because there will be a deadline for publishing) and offer your services. Then comes the easy part – when they mention you, ask them to link to your website. The result? A nice link back to your site from an online news website. This will be seen by Google as a high quality link and is sure to help your efforts in the SEO stakes.

Become a social butterfly

Whilst not quite the same as a link from an actual website, a link on a social media channel like Twitter can turn into several links if it is shared. Google actually scans Twitter for links and as a result it can identify whether your content is being linked to and talked about. The fact that people are linking to your website through social media is a quality metric used in the Google algorithm, and tells Google that your website it worth ranking. Because of this, you need to make sure your social media strategy includes plenty of links back to good quality content on your website. It’s no good just posting a stream of photos or quotes! These won’t get you traffic, and they won’t get you Google rewards.

Get pinning

Are you on Pinterest yet? Not sure it’s worth the effort? Think again. Pinterest is a fantastic way to create links back to your website which will be shared again and again. Not only that, but Pinterest can drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website. Here’s how it works: each time you “pin” an image from your website, Pinterest will post the image along with a link back to where the image originates from (i.e. your website). Then, people who like the image will share it, and the amount of links will multiply. In order to succeed at this, you need a website with plenty of high quality, interesting images.

Has that given you some food for thought? If you need help creating a content marketing strategy, get in touch and let’s chat.


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